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Write Start for kids policy for current covid-19 restrictions

Write Start for Kids will once again be offering lessons in-person, with new precautions. Lessons must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance or 48 hours in advance for weekend appointments. WSFK will continue to utilize OfficeKey for meeting locations.

- Every attempt will be made to reserve an office large enough to allow proper distancing.

- Only one parent/family member may accompany the student

- Please do not bring other family members, including siblings. If this is unavoidable, please contact me and we can try to make arrangements

- All students and family members MUST wear a mask while inside the meeting space and building. Tutor will also wear a mask

-Students will be asked to clean hands upon arrival to lesson. Tutor will do the same.

- Students will have a separate baggie with the tools needed for the lesson (pencils, chalk, etc). WSFK will provide these and wipe down baggies after each session.

- Students or family members may NOT attend if they: have a fever, cough, muscle aches, or other symptoms of illness; have been exposed to someone known to have COVID or had recent travel to COVID "hot spot"; are ill in any way.

- Desks and other surfaces, including common-use tools, will be wiped down after each lesson.

- No food or drink will be permitted in lesson room.

For those not able to attend in-person, or who wish to participate in lessons online, WSFK will continue to offer that option. Online lessons will be provided via Zoom video conferencing.

In order to get the most out of the online lessons:

  • Access to a computer with webcam and good internet connection is required

  • Access to a printer is highly recommended

  • It is highly recommended that the parent/family member be nearby to learn the handwriting techniques and help with any technical difficulties

  • Set up the workspace in a quiet location with minimal distractions.

  • If your child has handwriting homework assigned for school, bring it to the lesson.

  • Online students will have their supplies and materials mailed to them. Materials may include paper, workbook, pencils, chalk, and fine motor activities. Please be sure student has these tools nearby during the lesson.


Please contact me to schedule your child’s evaluation today! Daytime and evening appointments available.

Stay safe and healthy! Be sure to wash your hands frequently and maintain social distancing.

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