Write Start for kids policy for current covid-19 restrictions

Due to shelter-in-place restrictions, all handwriting lessons will now be online.  Evaluations and first lessons are free until April 30, 2020.

In order to get the most out of the online lessons:

  • Use a computer or tablet with webcam and microphone. Smartphones do not work as well with the platform I use.

  • Parents should be present or nearby during the lesson. There are times when the camera angle needs to be changed to better interact with the student and observe the writing techniques. I have noticed some children, especially younger children, need help with this.

  • Set up the workspace in a quiet location with minimal distractions.

  • If your child has handwriting homework assigned for school, bring it to the lesson.


Please contact me to schedule your child’s evaluation today! Daytime and evening appointments available.

Stay safe and healthy! Be sure to wash your hands frequently and maintain social distancing.