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Where are you located?

Our lessons are delivered in a professional office setting in OfficeKey West Chester (9078 Union Centre Blvd #350, West Chester Township, OH 45069) or OfficeKey Blue Ash (4555 Lake Forest Dr Suite 650, Cincinnati, OH 45242).

What curriculum do you use?

Write Start For Kids uses the Learning Without Tears™ curriculum (learn more here).  The curriculum is a multi-sensory program that promotes good habits through songs, games, and other activities.  Children will learn many ways to practice correct letter formation, and have a better chance of retaining that information through the interactive nature of the lessons.

What are the expectations for my child?

For the handwriting program to work well, the student will need to practice at home on a daily basis.  Parents are expected to attend the lessons to observe and learn the techniques for the child to practice at home.  After each session the student will be given assignments to practice at home.  Each assignment should only take 5-10 minutes daily.  Parents are encouraged to set up an appropriate place at home to do the work, so the child can have consistency while learning new handwriting skills.

How many sessions will my child need?

Most children will show significant improvement in handwriting skills after 5-10 sessions, with consistent daily practice at home in between sessions.

What is the recommended age range for this program?

Our handwriting skill classes are recommended for kids age Pre-K through grade 5. Older children can benefit as well.

My child is older.  Can you still help?

The longer a child writes with less effective handwriting techniques, the deeper the existing habits become ingrained.  Older children can still benefit from the curriculum, but they may have to be more diligent in their practice.  It may take longer to see results, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try.  Schedule an evaluation to assess and review the primary areas of concern.

Can I bring my child’s sibling(s)?

Sometimes it may be necessary to bring other children to the sessions, but please bring something to keep any other children quietly occupied.  Keep in mind, however, other businesses use adjacent offices, the work space is fairly small, and sessions may have another child receiving instruction at the same time.  Anyone else in the room needs to not be a distraction.  You might also consider scheduling your other children for the session!

What if I have to cancel a session?

Life happens.  Kids get sick, emergencies come up.  Write Start for Kids asks for a minimum 2-hour prior notice if you need to cancel.  If two sessions in a row are cancelled, we may discuss picking a different time/day for your sessions.  No refunds will be given for no show/no call.  If two no show/no calls occur, an attempt will be made to contact you to reschedule.  If unsuccessful, your session time/day will be released and made available to someone else.


What about bad weather?

If local Cincinnati school districts Lakota or Mason are closed due to weather, handwriting and reading skill classed are cancelled during daytime school hours.  If you have an afternoon or evening appointment you will be contacted on the afternoon of our appointment to evaluate weather and road safety at that time, even if the schools were closed during the day.  You will not be penalized for missing a lesson due to weather. 

My child does not seem to be making progress.  Can we cancel the rest of our prepaid lessons?

Write Start for Kids encourages you and your child to attend at least 5 lessons before canceling.  An interim progress report can be reviewed after the 5th lesson, with a formal assessment of progress after the 10th lesson.  If you are noticing your child is struggling and not improving their handwriting skills, first make sure he/she is practicing the correct techniques on a daily basis.  Please raise any issues you might be having as we are here to help!  If something is not working, we will work to help and find something different to try.

When do I pay?

Payments are required prior to the time of the lesson.  We offer packages of lesson for your convenience.  You will be notified when you when you are approaching your 5th lesson and we will review your child's initial progress.  

Can I use insurance or HSA benefits?

Unfortunately, no.  This is a private tutoring business, much like music lessons or sport training.  Documentation cannot be provided to submit to an insurance company or HSA.


What do I need to bring to the first session?

Please bring examples of your child’s school work and writing.  Providing several different types is best, so that various inputs can be considered as part of the customized instructional approach with your child.  Please also bring your child’s backpack AS IS!  No need to straighten it up if it’s disorganized - we like to look at the “big picture” when it comes to your child.

Will my child always have 1:1 private instruction?

The initial assessment is always a 1:1 meeting with you and your child.  Ongoing, sessions may be private or have a maximum of two additional students that may be scheduled together to address common needs.  Every attempt will be made to group children of similar ages/handwriting levels.  This interaction may help your child, since he/she can observe and feel comfortable with other children in a similar situation.  Your child will have their own goals and personalized plan, each of which will be kept strictly confidential.

I like the materials you use in the sessions. Can I purchase some extras for home?

Yes!  Learning Without Tears™ offers an online catalog .

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