Children who master handwriting skills can become better, more creative writers.  At Write Start for Kids, our Cincinnati handwriting tutors use a fun, multi-sensory, play-based instructional method to engage children throughout the tutoring process until handwriting becomes an automatic and comfortable skill.

All handwriting practice for students takes place in a professional office setting and begins with a one-on-one assessment with you and your child.  Together, our Cincinnati handwriting tutors will develop a customized tutoring plan with objectives and specific tactics for writing readiness, printing, or cursive, depending on your child's developmental readiness.  Parents are encouraged to attend all sessions with their child.

For most students, we recommend a course of 5-10 writing practice and tutoring sessions, with completion of at-home work in between sessions.  Substantial improvement can be expected from this initial series of lessons, and any recommendation for additional instruction will be reviewed at this time.    

  See more information in our FAQ or schedule online.


45 min 1-on-1 session to evaluate needs and develop personalized learning plan.



Pay as you go for individual Lessons, or purchase a series of 5 Lessons at a reduced rate. 


One-time fee for workbook and handwriting paper.