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Did You Know ?


Students spend up to 58% of classroom time writing on paper

Write Start for Kids is the only Cincinnati based tutoring service dedicated exclusively to handwriting as means for your child to reach his or her full academic potential.       








Handwriting is generally taught beginning in kindergarten with printing.  Most students will achieve printing fluency by the end of second grade, then competency with cursive handwriting by the end of fourth grade. 

Write Start for Kids is Learning Without Tears™ Certified and our Cincinnati handwriting tutors can work with clients of any age or ability, including special needs, ESL students looking for English writing practice, or homeschool environments.




Taking notes by hand results in better comprehension and attention

Research shows students who take notes by hand versus on a computer have better comprehension of what is being said, and have more sustained attention during discussion of concepts.  

Handwriting helps develop eye-hand coordination, early motor skills, and boosts brain development among young children, with research showing greater neural activity in children handwriting versus looking at letters. 


Good handwriting can enhance effectiveness with digital devices

A balanced learning environment focuses on both handwriting and keyboarding as fundamental skills.  When taught together, students can successfully tackle any assignment or testing, in any setting.

Contact our Cincinnati handwriting tutors today to schedule an assessment at one of our convenient Cincinnati locations.


What Will We Be Learning?

Preschool:  Letter and number recognition; social skills; proper crayon grip; pre-writing strokes (lines, crosses, circles, triangles); left/right discrimination; drawing.

Grades K-2:  Letter recognition and use; print, letter, and number formation; word spacing; pencil grip;  writing on lined paper.

Grades 3+:  Letter formation, size, placement; cursive letter formation and connections; sentence and word spacing; pencil and pen grip.

All of these skills and more!

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